English to Uzbek Meaning :: disarrange

tartibsiz holga keltirmoq, parokanda qilmoq, barbod qilmoq, ishdan chiqarmoq, izdan chiqarmoq
Disarrange :
barbod qilmoq
- barbod qilmoqdisarrangedtartibsizlikdisarrangesdisarranging

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Verb(1) destroy the arrangement or order of(2) disturb the arrangement of

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(1) That is not in any way to disparage his two competitors.(2) You disparage a woman's driving or mock her way of problem-solving.(3) I would say persist and never minimize or disparage yourself or your abilities.(4) he never missed an opportunity to disparage his competitors(5) It is not in our nature to disparage the city we love or belittle the real successes that are made by our opponents as they did to us over the last three years.(6) Worse still, many of them take the opportunity to disparage Norway into the bargain.(7) But when you're living with a person all your life, you, unknowingly, tend to disparage his worth.(8) The problem would be as much the risk of disparaging the concept of Tibet as it would be a risk of offending China.(9) Over the protests of liberals and conservatives who supported an internationalist foreign policy to thwart communism, critics on the left have for decades disparagingly described the United States as imperialist.(10) For the last six years, he has found himself reviled and disparaged by most of America, with every transgression in and out of the ring adding to the image of an unpleasant human being.(11) Some critics have disparaged Hogan's emphasis on the love story between the two main characters.(12) She neither disparages beauty nor celebrates its virtues; instead, she represents beauty as something earthy and embodied.(13) That's not speaking disparagingly of the next person, either.(14) A swift response from the editor himself was printed below the letter, saying: ÔÇÿWe are surprised that our correspondent disparages lentils as an article of diet.ÔÇÖ(15) This is a struggle that disparagingly became known as taking part in the ÔÇÿrat-race.ÔÇÖ(16) A disparagingly small number of companies own all commercial radio stations, TV stations, record labels, and sizeable concert venues in the nation.
Related Words
(1) disarrange ::
barbod qilmoq
1. disorder ::
3. put out of place ::
o'rinsiz qo'yish
4. disorganize ::
5. disturb ::
6. displace ::
8. make untidy ::
iflos qilish
9. make a mess of ::
bir tartibsizlik qilish
10. jumble ::
12. muddle ::
13. turn upside-down ::
boshi bilan pastga o'girib
14. scatter ::
15. dishevel ::
16. tousle ::
17. rumple ::
tartibsizlik qilmoq
18. turn topsy-turvy ::
tartibsizlik o'girib
19. make a shambles of ::
bir Shambles qilish
20. muss up ::
yuqoriga muss
1. arrange ::
2. array ::
bir qator
3. dispose ::
4. order ::
5. organize ::
6. range ::
7. regulate ::
tartibga solish
8. tidy ::
Different Forms
disarrange, disarranged, disarrangement, disarranges, disarranging
English to Uzbek Dictionary: disarrange

Meaning and definitions of disarrange, translation in Uzbek language for disarrange with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of disarrange in Uzbek and in English language.

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What disarrange means in Uzbek, disarrange meaning in Uzbek, disarrange definition, examples and pronunciation of disarrange in Uzbek language.

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