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Dowse :
suvga solish
- suvga solishdowseddowses

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Noun(1) searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod
Verb(1) wet thoroughly(2) use a divining rod in search of underground water or metal(3) slacken(4) cover with liquid; pour liquid onto

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(1) Last week as I was walking back from lunch with a physicist friend, he pointed out a guy about 50 feet away from us, who was using two long thin sticks to dowse for who-knows-what.(2) water is easy to dowse for(3) I can tell you of Ph.D. physicists who believe that they can dowse , and who endorse dowsing rods and free-energy machines.(4) Boomtowns sprang up through the United States, particularly in the West, as fast as entrepreneurial spirits could dowse a whiff of extractable resource hiding below the earth's surface.(5) Since at the time I could not dowse with a pendulum, I had no way of confirming if I was successful.(6) Ms. Byron: your article on the woman who claims she can dowse , interests us greatly.(7) Do not worry, young Alouette, you may be lost now, however just take the pendant and dowse , it will show you the way.(8) The experts in this dowsers' society say you can successfully dowse anything at all.(9) This gentleman, a Sea Bee, claimed that he could dowse for gold!(10) He also uses a crystal to dowse for poisons and blockages in the body, using clientsÔÇÖ nail clippings.(11) Periodically, a player will get to dowse for water.(12) Now we move on to the main feature, dowsing for water.(13) Controlled experiments set up to test the abilities of dowsers have shown that dowsers are no better at finding hidden substances than chance would predict.(14) Every dowsing organization, or dowser , that we have contacted, has ignored this offer.(15) And, as usual in such matters, none of the participating astrologers, clairvoyants, ÔÇÿface readers,ÔÇÖ or dowsers who failed the tests, believe that their own claimed abilities are imaginary.(16) The lack of testing under controlled conditions explains why many psychics, graphologists, astrologers, dowsers , New Age therapists, and the like, believe in their abilities.
1. douse ::
suvga kirmoq
3. rhabdomancy ::
Different Forms
dowse, dowsed, dowses
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