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galaktikaga, Somon yo'liga oid
Galactic :
- galaktik

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Adjective(1) of or relating to a galaxy (especially our galaxy the Milky Way(2) inconceivably large

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(1) By contrast, to reach our nearest galactic neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, you'd need only twenty-five Milky Ways.(2) A record of the long term variations of the galactic cosmic ray flux can be extracted from Iron meteorites.(3) The galactic centre of our galaxy is one of Integral's prime targets.(4) This map is plotted in galactic coordinates - the plane of the Milky Way galaxy passes across the middle of this chart with the zero point of galactic latitude and longitude pointing directly at the galactic centre.(5) Out past Fomalhaut, toward the south galactic pole, the stars fade.(6) It was possibly the most important observation but it was just personal observation to sample the glory and the majesty of the galactic plain and the centre of the galaxy.(7) The space radiation environment encompasses a broad spectrum of radiation ranging from infra-red to galactic cosmic radiation.(8) They are produced in the atmosphere by the interaction of galactic cosmic rays with the atoms of the atmosphere.(9) In fact, the Sun is at an optimal distance from the galactic centre, called the co-rotation radius.(10) A coil of a superconducting material could produce a substantial magnetic field, which could, in turn, deflect the energetic galactic cosmic radiation.(11) In fact, the Universe as observed today seems to have barely a fraction of the mass needed to keep galaxies from flying apart, based on the rotations of the stars in the galaxy about the galactic center.(12) If accurate, this new view of galactic demography might force astronomers to rethink the fundamentals of galaxy formation.(13) But even shielding does little good against so-called galactic cosmic radiation, which originates in deep space.(14) Radiation could perhaps be a show-stopper because the environment in space - there's galactic cosmic rays.(15) Other sources that contribute to the near-Earth space environment include galactic cosmic ray particles, which originate from outside of the solar system.(16) The second are galactic cosmic rays, which, although not as lethal as solar flares, represent a continuous background radiation to which the crew would be exposed.
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