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Synthetic :
- sun'iysintetik

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Noun(1) a compound made artificially by chemical reactions
Adjective(1) not of natural origin; prepared or made artificially(2) involving or of the nature of synthesis (combining separate elements to form a coherent whole(3) systematic combining of root and modifying elements into single words(4) of a proposition whose truth value is determined by observation or facts(5) artificial as if portrayed in a film(6) not genuine or natural

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(1) The changing status of his preferred materials invites this - tyres are no longer manufactured from rubber plants but from synthetic materials produced from crude oil.(2) Nylon was the first synthetic fiber not based on natural materials such as cellulose.(3) While some musicians endeavor to muster whatever synthetic emotions their contract requires, he prefers to let things come naturally.(4) Kant held that, even though most mathematical propositions are synthetic , they are knowable a priori - independent of sensory experience.(5) And one of the key choices is whether to use organic or synthetic fertilizers.(6) He has been attacked for reacting to the decision with synthetic anger.(7) Whether this frothing was real or mere synthetic outrage is hard to say since the latter is now so common it is increasingly impossible to spot the real stuff.(8) Analytic propositions like synthetic propositions, can be believed for bad reasons, or for no reasons at all, and, when this occurs, we should deny that the believer knows the propositions in question.(9) The instigators don't really care - it is synthetic , undifferentiated anger, it's the need to get worked up.(10) And the fact they're guided by newspaper editors, who know very well what the real world is like, but choose to ignore this in favour of manufactured indignation and synthetic outrage.(11) Albanian is a synthetic language that is similar in structure to most other Indo-European languages.(12) Conventional oil is derived from petroleum refining; synthetic oils are chemically manufactured replicas.(13) When we assault our skin with harsh detergents, exfoliants, drying alcohols and synthetic oils, we can end up producing completely unintended results.(14) These jersey knit sheets feature organic cotton and are not treated with chlorine bleach, chemical softeners, or synthetic dyes that can irritate skin.(15) Its focus then was about ÔÇÿignoring social ills, setting up a synthetic sense of comfort.ÔÇÖ(16) He is not an experienced debater, given in the past to flourishes of synthetic rage at Nationalists rather than the humour and put-down his elevated status requires.
Related Words
(1) synthetic rubber ::
sintetik kauchuk,
(2) synthetic fiber ::
sintetik tolalar
(3) synthetic oil ::
sintetik neft
(4) synthetic fibers ::
sintetik tolalar
(5) synthetic biology ::
sintetik biologiya
1. artificial ::
2. celluloid ::
4. man-made ::
5. synthetic substance ::
sintetik modda
1. natural ::
Different Forms
synthetic, synthetics
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